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    1. The Connect Membership is a 12 month programme, with the option to pay monthly programme or annually. Your start date is the date payment was received and the first email sent is confirmation of receipt.


    1. If payment is made annually or monthly, your membership will be due for renewal exactly twelve months from the receipt of the first payment. 


    1. All members get access to the WLA Membership Portal and the WLA Members Only LinkedIn group. Members can access materials plus details of how to book onto all online live events. Please check the site regularly for updates and dates / times of events. Members should set up their Membership Profile, complete the New Member Survey and join the WLA Members Only LinkedIn group within one month of signing up to the WLA.


    1. This agreement cannot be substituted to any other person without our prior express written agreement.


    1. For the foreseeable future, the WLA programmes will be delivered virtually using Zoom webinar. We ask that cameras are turned on. All sessions are recorded.


    1. Data protection – Your data will be collected for the purposes of providing you with the services contracted for which are bespoke and detailed to your specifications. Your data will not be used for any other purposes or given to any third party. Your data will be stored safely and remain confidential at all times. Following the cessation of our working together, your data will not be held longer than is necessary.


    1. Should you decide to leave the membership within 30 days of joining the programme, you will be entitled to a full refund.


    1. We appreciate members providing a testimonial for their experiences and results achieved. Testimonials provided and recordings made could be used for marketing purposes unless we are advised otherwise.


    1. All documentation remains the intellectual property of The WLA Programme and must not be distributed, shared or reproduced in any way unless otherwise agreed.